SMS campaigns

Messaging via text is distinctively prompt and intimate. It stands as a prime method for brands to connect with their most valued clientele. Moreover, utilizing Klaviyo ensures smooth integration of SMS with email communication.


73% of consumers have bought as a result of a brand’s text


1 in 3 consumers prefer texts over emails from their favorite brands


SMS marketing gets 5.5x the click rate of email

SMS campaigns and automations to reach customers in the moment

Harness the power of SMS campaigns and automations to engage customers in real-time, capturing their attention precisely when it matters most. Elevate your communication strategy with instant, impactful interactions.

Receive precise and actionable SMS marketing insights and benchmarks.

Through Netcapz, you gain precise insights into the factors propelling outcomes, leveraging a level of comprehensive cross-channel transparency achievable only through the harmonious coexistence Whatsapp and SMS.

Break the silo between Whatsapp and SMS marketing

Netcapz presents a comprehensive ecommerce marketing solution encompassing Whatsapp, SMS, forms, templates, campaigns, automations, and paid ad audiences, all seamlessly integrated to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing endeavors.

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